Model CPC8000-H

Precyzyjny kontroler ciśnienia

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  • Transmitter and pressure gauge manufacturers
  • Calibration and service companies
  • Industry (laboratory, workshop and production)
  • Research and development laboratories
  • National institutes and institutions

Special Features

  • Pressure ranges: upt to 1,600 bar (up to 23,000 psi)
  • Pressure medium: Hydraulic oil or water
  • Control stability: 0.005 % of FS
  • Accuracy: to 0.01 % of FS
  • Interchangeable reference pressure sensors


The model CPC8000-H precision hydraulic high-pressure controller is especially suited as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing or calibration of all types of highpressure measuring instruments, due to its high accuracy and control stability. However, autofrettage applications or cyclic pressure-load tests are also ideal application areas, thanks to its robustness and reliability.

For the supply to the controller, other than the voltage supply, only clean dry compressed air for the pneumatic control circuit is needed. As a pressure medium on the output side, hydraulic oil or water (or other media on request) can be used.

The CPC8000-H consists of two components, the model CPC8000-HC pressure controller and the model CPC8000-HM hydraulic module with the reference pressure sensors. The hydraulic module is available in two versions, as low pressure version with a pressure range of
5 ... 700 bar (75 ... 10,000 psi) bar and high pressure version with a pressure range of 20 ... 1,600 bar 
(290 ... 23,000 psi) with each suitable reference pressure sensors.

The complete system is available as a 19" plug-in case or built into a 19" rack. The sensors can be changed via the front of the hydraulic module, without having to dismantle the complete controller.

Through its specialist technology, the desired pressure value from the controller is regulated quickly and simply. Maximum ease-of-use is achieved through the large touchscreen and the simple and intuitive menu navigation. In addition, its easy operability is further supported by the availability of a large number of menu languages.

On the large touchscreen, all necessary information such as current measured value and set point can be found on a single screen. Optionally, the measured values can be displayed in other pressure units additionally. The pressure controller can be remotely controlled via serial interfaces available. Through these, a wide range of emulation command sets for other pressure controllers are available.

Hydraulic Pressure Controller, Model CPC8000-H
  • Hydraulic Pressure Controller, Model CPC8000-H
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