Model TC81

Termopara do pomiaru temperatury spalin

Z osłoną termometryczną

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  • Blast furnaces, air heaters
  • Red-heat and heat treatment processes
  • Combustion of waste and special waste products
  • Major heating plants, heat generation

Special Features

  • Application ranges up to +1200 °C
  • Thermowell made of heat resistant steel
  • Measuring insert replaceable
  • Gastight process connection


These straight thermocouples assemblies consist of a connection head Form B, a measuring insert per DIN 43 735 and a thermowell Model TW81. Form A or C DINthermowells as well as thermowells with customer specific design are available.

Process connection can be provided with a stop flange or pipe coupling, the latter type gives a gastight connection.

These temperature probes are suitable for gaseous media in low pressure ranges (up to approx. 1 bar). Various thermowell materials are used with or without enamelling to meet the requirements of thermal stress.

The replaceable measuring insert is removeable. This makes inspection and servicing straightforward. Sensor replacement is also possible during plant operation.

Selection of standard lengths enables a short delivery time and the possibility of stocking spare components.

Thermowell material, connection head and sensor can be selected individually for the specific application.

A transmitter can be fitted as an option. One of the advantages of a built-in transmitter is the increased reliability of the signal transmission.

Between the transmitter and the control room, lower-priced copper cable can be used rather than specific thermocouple or compensating cable. A cold junction is integrated in all WIKA transmitters.

Termopara do pomiaru temperatury spalin
  • Termopara do pomiaru temperatury spalin
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