Model TC80

Termopara wykonana zgodnie z DIN EN 50446

Na wysokie zakresy temperatury

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  • Blast furnaces, cowper stoves
  • Annealing and heat treatment processes
  • Refuse, biomass, hazardous waste incineration
  • Industrial heating installations, heat generation, power engineering, reactors
  • Glass, porcelain, ceramics industry, cement and brick production

Special Features

  • Application ranges up to max. +1600 °C (DIN EN 50 446)
  • Thermowell made of heat-resistant steel or ceramic, also with ceramic inner tube
  • Support tube of carbon steel
  • Gastight process connection
  • Coating (optional)


Model TC80 series thermocouples were developed to measure extremely high temperatures. These high-temperature thermocouples comply with DIN EN 50 446. The thermoelectric wires of the thermocouple fitted within the thermowell are contained either in the capillary holes of a ceramic insulating tube or in the capillary holes of an insulating rod. A thermowell made from high-temperature alloy metal or hightemperature ceramic, with or without an additional inner tube, protects the thermocouple from the process medium as well as mechanical and chemical damage.

A wide selection of process connections, e.g. stop flanges, threaded collars and solid welded flanges, permit direct mounting to the process.

For particularly critical applications there are designs with inert gas or compressed air purging or with pressure tight sealing. Of course extremely robust thermowell assemblies can also be used.

Optionally a transmitter can be fitted. One of the advantages of a built-in transmitter is the increased reliability of the signal transmission. Between the transmitter and the control room, more-economical copper cable can be used rather than specific thermocouple or compensating cable. A cold junction is integrated in all WIKA transmitters.

High-temperature thermometer, model TC80
  • High-temperature thermometer, model TC80
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