Model TR31

Termometr rezystancyjny

Wersja miniaturowa

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  • Machine building, plant and vessel construction
  • Propulsion technology, hydraulics

Special Features

  • Very compact design, high vibration resistance and fast response time
  • With direct sensor output (Pt100, Pt1000 in 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection) or integrated transmitter with 4 ... 20 mA output signal
  • Integrated transmitter is individually parameterisable with free-of-charge WIKAsoft-TT PC configuration software
  • Sensor element with accuracy class A in accordance with IEC 60751


Resistance thermometers of this series are used as universal thermometers for the measurement of liquid and gaseous media in the range -50 ... +250 °C [-58 ... +482 °F]. For application in hazardous areas, intrinsically safe versions are available.

They can be used for pressures up to 140 bar with 3 mm sensor diameters and up to 270 bar with 6 mm sensor diameters, depending on the instrument version. All electrical components are protected against humidity (IP67 or IP69K) and designed to withstand vibration (20 g, depending on instrument version).

The resistance thermometer is available with direct sensor output or integrated transmitter, which can be configured individually via the PC configuration software WIKAsoft-TT. Measuring range, damping, error signalling per NAMUR NE43 and TAG no. can be adjusted.

Insertion length, process connection, sensor and connection method can each be selected for the respective application within the order information. The model TR31 resistance thermometer consists of a thermowell with a fixed process connection and is screwed directly into the process.

The electrical connection depends on the design and is made with an M12 x 1 circular connector or via a directly connected cable. For the M12 x 1 circular connector, an adapter for electrical connection with angular connector per DIN EN 175301-803 form A (patent, property right: 001370985) is optionally available. As a special feature, the miniature OEM resistance thermometer is also available in customer-specific designs.

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