Model TR25

Termometr rezystancyjny z przyłączem rurowym

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  • Food and beverage industry, dairies, drink dispensers and bottling plants, breweries
  • Biochemical and pharmaceutical industries, cleanroom technology
  • For piggable systems
  • Paint finishing systems

Special Features

  • Hygienic design (dead space free transitions)
  • Residue-free and quick cleaning of the measuring point (piggable, suitable for SIP and CIP)
  • Materials and surface qualities in accordance with the standards and directives of the pharmaceutical industry
  • High measuring accuracy with shortresponse times
  • Explosion-proof versions Ex i


Resistance thermometers for temperature measurement in pipelines with extremely high hygienic requirements. This thermometer is used in applications where a thermowell immersed into the process medium is not possible or not desired, particularly for piggable pipelines, highly viscous media and flow conditions with high shear forces. A wide variety of process connections is available, so that these thermometers can be used for many different processes without any problems.


3- or 4-wire platinum measurement resistances in accuracy classes A and B per DIN EN 60751 serve as sensors.

Analogue or digital transmitters built into the connection head are capable of making various output signals available, for example 4 ... 20 mA, HART® protocol, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS® PA.

Termometr rezystancyjny z przyłączem rurowym
  • Termometr rezystancyjny z przyłączem rurowym
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