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  • Precision thermometer for very accurate temperature measurements in a range of -200 ... +962 °C
  • Reference instrument for testing, adjusting and calibrating temperature measuring instruments in factories and calibration laboratories
  • Self-contained, complete system also suitable for on-site measurements/calibrations

Special features

  • Temperature range -200 ... +962 °C
  • Accuracy: 0.01 °C, optional 0.005 °C
  • 2 channels as standard with optional 4 or 6 channels
  • Expandable up to an additional 64 channels with multiplexers
  • SMART probe review and editor


The model CTR5000 precision thermometer also comes with two channels as standard, but four and six channel variations are available with each channel able to work with up to 70 user-defined probes so providing spot on calibration. It also offers single, differential and alternative measurement modes. It can also provide a sequential channel scan with a data logging function that can also be sent to PC or USB memory stick. The CTR5000 also offers single, differential and alternative measurement modes with the ability to provide direct comparison calibration.

Using calibrated probes with the precise thermometer choose between storing the calibration data into the memoryof the instrument or if using ASL SMART probes can be entered into these.

The SMART probe data can also be reviewed and edited therefore easy calibration of ASL SMART probes. The instrument can also generate coefficients from reference temperature/resistance data pairs.

The instrument is capable of measuring temperature ranges to meet ITS 90, CVD, EN 60751 and IEC 751 standards and results are delivered via a LCD backlit display with large numeric, statistical or graphical information. It also comes with USB interface as standard, but optional RS-232, IEEE or LAN interfaces are also available.

To ensure long term reliability the precision thermometer uses surface mount technology with no mechanical relays or potentiometers.

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