Model BMD

Wskaźnik magnetyczny

Dla wskaźników typu Bypass

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  • Display bar for the visualisation of levels in combination with bypass level indicators
  • Individual design and corrosion resistant materials make the products suitable for a broad range of applications
  • Chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, offshore, shipbuilding, machine building, power generating equipment, power plants
  • Process water and drinking water treatment, food industry, pharmaceutical industry

Special features

  • Measured value display by means of rollers or flaps with permanent magnets
  • Medium temperatures from -200 ... +450 °C
  • Splash-proof
  • Without power supply
  • Hermetically sealed from the process


The model BMD magnetic displays are used in combination with bypass level indicators for the display of levels. A magnetic system built into the float transmits the liquid level, contact-free, to the externally mounted display. In this are fitted, at 10 mm intervals, red/white plastic rollers or stainless steel flaps with bar magnets. Through the directional magnetic field of the permanent magnetic system in the bypass float, the magnetic rollers or flaps, through the wall of the bypass chamber, are turned through 180°.

For an increasing level from white to red; for a falling level from red to white. Thus the magnetic display indicates the level of a vessel as a red column, without power supply.

An integrated T-slot serves for the fastening of further attachment parts such as scales, sensors and switches.

For selecting the optimum magnetic display (plastic rollers/stainless steel flaps, case, scale, measuring range etc.) we offer application-related technical advice.

Z plastikowymi rolkami, BMD-SA

Z plastikowymi rolkami, BMD-SA

  • Z plastikowymi rolkami, BMD-SAZ płytkami ze stali nierdzewnej, BMD-FR
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